Orchestra Conductor

Artistic expression through igniting imagination and uniting creativity

Executive Trainer

Collaborative leadership based on a synergy of ideas, cultures and belonging

Public Speaker

Interactive participation to enhance the collective creative process
The Collaborative Leader - Manage Like a Maestro

Imagine yourself standing in front of a sea of people. People who are highly trained, focused, passionate, eager. As you stand there, you realize that they weave a tapestry of cultures and perspectives and abilities. Your job is to synchronize the diversity while allowing each person to retain their unique contribution. You guide every individual to co-create harmoniously in the artistry of the whole. This is The Collaborative Leader. This is how to Manage Like a Maestro.

Cindy Egolf - Manage Like a Maestro

About Dr. Cindy

Dr. Egolf embraces differences in culture, insight and collaboration. Her style is based on the desire to create community.

Her global experience as an orchestral conductor becomes a metaphor to introduce a paradigm shift for leaders, speakers and change-makers. Her goal is to promote collaboration, where participants share an investment of ideas, cultures and belonging.

Cindy Egolf builds bridges

Cindy Egolf builds bridges by uniting the creativity of all involved.

Her engagements as an executive trainer and public speaker include Project Management International, Skema Business School, Sofia Antipolis, and SIETAR Europa. Various other speeches delivered in Monte Carlo, Malta, France, Italy, India, Kuwait and the United States.

Dr. Cindy’s affiliations include League of American Orchestras, European board member of the Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research, Professional Women’s Network, American Club of the Riviera, and the International Womens’ Club of the Riviera.